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More Than 80 MILLION Americans Struggle With Problem Credit
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They DESPERATELY Need Help And
Will Pay BIG BUCKS To Get It!

Whoever Provides It Will Earn A TON Of Money!

... Why Not YOU?



From the Desk of Ben Hanania


Dear Frustrated Entrepreneur,

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know the economy is literally in the toilet. All around the world people are panicking, millions of jobs have already been lost. Ordinary people like you and me will lose their homes, and some may even go to jail as they become so desperate they steal to feed their families.

Many will go into bankruptcy, others will become so distressed they'll commit (or contemplate) suicide.

But it doesn't have to be like this!

The majority of people in this situation can't see beyond their despair. They need an outsider, someone not emotionally attached to assess their credit situation and show them how to repair the damage.

That’s where YOU come in!

If you're the sort of person that likes to help people, and wants to be generously rewarded for your efforts, this program is for you.

And not only will this program help your clients, (yes, YOUR clients!) it will also boost your income tremendously.


YOU Can Start a Business that

Is Recession-proof
Grows even MORE in hard economic times
You can operate from your own home, saving thousands in gasoline and commute time
YOU control how much you make
YOU decide when you want a raise
YOU decide when you want to work!
Has an unlimited (and very untapped) market
Starts with a relatively small investment
Gives you a paycheck almost immediately
Has the potential to grow into a GREAT full time business


The Benefits

Because I know you won't jump into this feet first without checking it out, I've listed many of the benefits you will get when you accept this challenge:

Create a financial safety net with a second (or only) source of income
Earn $3,000 or more per month part time; even more full time
Own a business with low overheads
Clients come to YOU because they need your services
Easy to learn
Enjoy financial freedom -- and set your own hours
Take pride in owning your own lucrative business
Afford the things you've only dreamed of: a new car, a cruise, a beautiful home
Go on vacation and earn while you play
Help others who are in desperate need  


Many people have asked how - and why - I offer this complete business training manual at such an affordable cost. This is why I do it:

I've been there and I know how it feels. I want to "give back" and give others the opportunity to get out of the black hole of bankruptcy, or the depression of financial bondage.

I believe in people. I believe that most people are honest and want to have a chance to excel. So I give people a boost up whenever I have the chance.

What I have to offer is the finest product available, at the lowest price. You will not find a complete startup kit anywhere else. Go ahead, search for it! You might find credit repair firms offering to "train" you for anywhere from $700 to $8,900. Be very careful. They train you to sell their services and provide them with clients; then they pay you a small percentage of the sale. YOU have to do the hard work for them - and get little in return.


Set Your Own Hours!

I touched on this above, but feel it is so important, that I am going to expand.

Many people interested in working in the credit repair industry believe they need to dedicate long hours to their businesses. This is totally untrue. You can work as few or as many hours as you want.

It could be that you only want to work a few hours per week, supplementing an income you're unhappy with. Or you may want to spend many more hours doing it. You could even be a retired person who just wants to help people in some way. With so many websites offering a free credit score check these days, it's no wonder more and more people are looking for a credit repair expert to help them get back on track.

The choice is entirely yours, and like any business opportunity, you'll get out of it what you put in.


starting credit repair business
"I purchased the credit biz kit 6 months ago and I don't regret the step I took. First of all, I have accomplished financial independence, profiting approx. $2k to $3k a month, without advertisement nor any other promotional means, all is done by referrals of financial institutions and my customers themselves.

Second, there is no greater feeling to see people gain back their buying power and starting over their financial lifestyle. In the kit you'll find everything need 2 start from jump your credit clinic and it's a great investment to make, having it return to you as profit with your first customer within a day or two of reading the manual. I even have major credit repair agencies asking me for some insight on how I successfully delete problem accounts they don't find easy to erase. This has taught me how to change many peoples tests into testimonies. Keep up the good work, Ben."

Israel Cátala,
Puerto Rico

"I've told several people about your website and how helpful it is and how helpful you are. I certainly hope that spreading this positive word about your website and you pays off for you. You deserve it."


"I recently purchased the credit repair biz kit and discovered a goldmine. My income went from $1000 a month to $2300 in just two months. And that figure is growing every time. I also get a chance to help people and to let them know that there is hope in this shrewd credit driven society. Thanks credit repair biz."



The Package

More Than You Expect, But Everything You Need!

Biz Kit Contents

(NOTE: Monitor not included. Monitor is a representation
of the 30 day FREE trial of the ECRA membership site)


Here’s what your investment includes:

The Business Module


You'll get a special case to store your Business Module Contents, Books, CDs and loose-leaf information. This means they're all in one place, and you'll never lose a thing!

High quality 234 page manual - this will teach you the art and science of the Credit Repair Business, plus all the tricks of the trade. The manual also walks you through the necessary sequences you will need when working with your clients.

127 page book Credit: Your New Identity In The 21st Century. This is an extremely useful book that will help you to assist your clients achieve stellar credit.


This CD contains all the forms and letters you will need to run your business efficiently: dispute letters, advanced techniques, client contracts, basic marketing, financial plan and evaluation sheet, incorporating, negative codes decipher, state laws and licensing, copy of sue report and Biz module video are all included on this CD.



The bonus CD includes overflow material from the tools and marketing module. It also contains useful reports on saving money, dealing with stress and procrastination, and more. Plus you get step-by-step video instructions of how to use the information provided in this CD.


This is your Five Day Surefire Quick Start Guide and Basic Startup Marketing Portfolio. This guide will walk you through your first five days in the business, and show you how to get up and running quickly.


People love rewards, and they especially love free stuff!

With this in mind, we've organized Family Vacation Certificates you can give to clients as an incentive. You can print these at will, giving you a constant supply of incentives/rewards. (You can even use them yourself!)



Credit Bureaus, Creditors and Collection Agencies have specific laws they must abide by. When they violate them, Federal Law provides relief for each infraction. You will find listed each infraction, its corresponding law regulation code and $ amount per day you can recover.


Each CD contains a video, introducing you to each module. Many people are visual in their learning, and this will assist those who fall into this category.



We have negotiated a one time fee of $25 for an attorney to review your state law and client contract. You are under no obligation to use this, but it gives you the added comfort that you are a legitimate business. *Any additional work is extra – see coupon for full details.

The Marketing Module



This module contains all the customizable marketing materials you'll need. These have been specifically designed for this business. You will find postcards, flyers, direct mail letters, business cards, tri-fold brochures, client booklet, business booklet and other miscellaneous materials.

In this module you also receive three CD’s which contain more than 20 reports, plus audio and video to help you with Press Releases, adverts, marketing online & offline, finding places to advertise, psychology of buying and much more. These tools were selected to advance your business through marketing and advertising.

The Tools Module



The tools module contains killer tools specifically chosen to assist with running your business.
In the sleeve you will find 3 CDs containing reports and audio/video, ranging from how to set up your home office, action blueprints, software to produce more than 500 business letter variations, budgeting software, reports, and 3 day vacation certificates you can give your client as a bonus, time management information, coping with stress, and much more.

Other Kit Content



This DVD was specially developed for you to give to potential clients. There will be times people are skeptical about using your services. This is true of any industry. The DVD explains the importance of good credit, what bad credit ultimately costs, and will convince them to use your services to repair their credit. You get one professionally produced DVD and case.

As part of your purchase, we've negotiated a "volume purchase price" although you can order as few as 10 DVD at one time. For as little as $2.55 per DVD/Case (depending on quantity) you can hand these out and secure new business. We've also negotiated an optional low one-time fee to allow you to have your business details on the DVD and cover.



In addition to all of the above listed items, we've negotiated a 30 day free trial to Ethical Credit Repair Alliance (ECRA) - the only Consumer Protection organization for Credit Repair Professionals.

You will receive access to members-only tools and discounts, the right to place the ECRA logo on your marketing materials, you'll receive updates to credit laws, access to the members forum, you'll receive their members-only newsletter filled with business tips.

AND access to the proprietary online credit software to develop all dispute letters and track your client progress. Similar software costs upwards of $400 or upwards of $45/month - but it's included FREE with your membership

As a member of ECRA you also receive a listing in the public area of ECRA’s website where potential clients can search for ECRA members by state. The ECRA site is heavily promoted as the only organization to protect the consumer from unethical and "fly by night" Credit Repair companies.



Once your trial expires, if you choose to continue your membership you will receive a certificate of membership suitable for framing. While ever you remain a member of ECRA, you will receive a current certificate each year. The benefit of this membership is lending credibility your services, plus you'll have a listing in the public area of ECRA’s website.

Ongoing Education

Let me make one thing clear:

This is NOT just another "Business-in-a-Box" program!

Unlike all those other business start-up programs out there, I don't just sell you my program, take your money, and then forget about you!


The majority of business owners just don't understand the benefits of ongoing education. In many businesses, this is absolutely essential. However, I do understand it can be quite costly, and made the decision to provide no-cost weekly coaching sessions to ensure your success.

These include video sessions, audio sessions, and a number of Q&A sessions for which you can submit your specific questions for discussion. .


(See the list below for the various topics.)



Session 1: Q&A

Session 2: Asset Protection and Incorporating on the very cheap

Session 3: The Art and Science of Reading a Credit Report

Session 4: Picking the correct items to dispute

Session 5: ECRA CMS software training

Session 6: The Power of increasing scores by 100's of points with seasoned tradelines

Session 7: Q&A

Session 8: Creating a Credit Financial plan for your clients

starting credit repair business

"When I opened the box to see my new Credit Repair Biz Kit, I felt like it was my birthday! As I began to watch the DVDs, listen to the training, and read the material, I was thrilled. This IS the best system I have ever seen for making a lot of money, while helping myself and helping other people. I don't have to have any special talent, I just have to be willing to learn and follow the steps. And even more exciting to me, I can do it at home in my spare time. You have answered every possible question in the materials. What an amazing opportunity! Thank you so much."

Cleveland, Ohio



David Osteen
Texas City, Texas -- Click to PLAY





Order by and Get
These 5 Additional Bonuses!

Because I want you to have the best possible experience, for a limited time I can provide a number of related bonuses.

Each bonus is related to your Credit Repair Business in some way, and will enhance your business and experience.



  • Bonus 1: 90 minute Interview - "The Wealth Attraction Formula" with author Mynders Glover. Learn the steps and get the wheel visualization method. Download to your favorite mp3 player.

  • Bonus 2: Incorporating your business. You will receive little-known information and resources on how to incorporate your business for pennies on the dollar. Why pay $600 to incorporate when you can easily do it yourself?

  • Bonus 3: Unlimited 90 Day Support. Your safety net is just a phone call or email away. This is not an autoresponder – you receive personal responses from me. Plus your purchase includes FREE support for a full 90 days.

  • Bonus 4: Monthly Q & A calls - Every Month I will hold a Q&A section where you can submit your questions or issues. Also, if you are having troubles in specific areas, we can discuss them as well on the call. It's an open forum to discuss whatever you'd like.

  • Bonus 5: Lifetime updates. You will receive lifetime updates at no extra cost. Updates are released only after new techniques are successfully tested. They are also released when new laws come into effect.
starting credit repair business
"I have reviewed the Cr Biz kit 2.0 and find it to be AWESOME! The information that is included in the kit it very informative and comprehensible. It even includes information on how to start your own business. The instructions are easy to comprehend and straight to the point. I love the insert about "Who you can sue and for how much"! Also, the illustrations and the coloring are helpful. Again, the only word that I can use to describe this Cr Biz kit 2.0 is......AWESOME! Thanks to you and Ben for your research and your indulgence in creating this wonderful program.


Georgia Foster
Weslaco, Texas

"Thank you for responding Ben,
I still need you. Your the only reason I am still doing this business. so I cant thank you enough and your product was well worth it. I am now licensed to do mortgage from the people I am renting an office from. I am getting plenty of clients through the credit business. I don't feel like a house wife anymore. My husband is amazed. so thank you, thank you, thank you."

Melissa Plaisance
Marrero, LA

"I did receive my kit and it came super fast, thank you! I thoroughly love the way it is put together, just great. I have learned some things I didn't know and it will make a huge difference in offering quality services to my clients. I was soo excited, I read the manual in two days!!... Thank you for providing me with such great tools, I feel very confident about proceeding asap! "

Alexis Jones
Sacramento, CA


Yes Ben! I want the Biz Kit NOW with all the BONUES included.


Who Am I And Why Am I Qualified To Teach This Information?


In 1993, after some bad decisions on my part, I lost my business and had to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, both personally and on the business. This was an all-time low period in my life, and I went into a deep depression.

My depression was so bad that I spent just over 6 months laying in bed doing nothing except feeling bad about myself. I wouldn't even answer the door or the telephone.

Within months I lost all my friends who had tried to help me, and as a result, my depression just got worse...

... until one day it hit me.

How can the big guys, like Donald Trump, Walt Disney, Ross Perot, Larry King, Francis Ford Coppola, Abraham Lincoln, Henry Ford, H.J. Heinz and so many more like them recover from major setbacks and Bankruptcy and still be more successful than ever?

At one time Donald Trump had more than 900 Million dollars in personal debt. He recovered and went on to become a BILLIONAIRE. He once walked into a building, pointing at a homeless man and said, "He's 900 Million dollars richer than me".

I decided it they could do it, then I could too - but on a much smaller scale.

It took five years, a lot of headaches and heartache, and loads of research, but I finally removed all my debt.

By this time, I had made new friends. When they learned about my success, they wanted me to help them repair their own credit. It was then I discovered millions of people were in the same situation.

At first, I was more than happy to help, but it soon became so time consuming I didn't have the time to do the things I wanted to do for myself. It was then I realized I was sitting on information that needed to be shared.

In 1998 I wrote a book that spelled out how to repair your own credit - Repair and Create Dynamite Credit in as little as 34 days. Simultaneously I started my own Credit repair firm.

I decided to make it affordable for people in financial distress, unlike the law firms charging upwards of $2500 per client.


How My Tragedy Turned into a GOLDMINE! ...

You Own Credit Repair Business Business boomed in a few short months. Then one day I received a call from a client who had purchased my book on the Internet. She asked how she could start her own business repairing credit for others.

She had taken my book and used it to repair her credit. Just as I experienced a few years earlier, other people wanted her to do the same for them. That's where the idea for this system was born.


Right NOW is the Perfect Time to start
your new Credit Repair business!


The economy is at an all-time low, and your soon-to-be-acquired expertise is in demand.

You will receive all the information and coaching you require, and we will supply you with unlimited support for the first 90 days. This will ensure you get up and running and understand your new business completely.

Now is the time to invest in yourself! Set your own hours, decide what income you need (or desire), and build your business to suit your lifestyle.


Ready to Begin Your New Lifestyle?

If you're ready to change your life and help others back from the brink of despair, then click on the button below.

I know you can do this, and you owe it to yourself to change your entire life, and live the life you deserve.

Your clients will thank you for it, and so will your family. They will enjoy the fruits of your labors, and live the kind of lifestyle they (and you!) deserve.

There is absolutely no risk involved. Purchase the Credit Repair Biz Kit today, and if you're not happy for ANY reason, just return the kit in good condition and we'll refund your purchase price, INCLUDING your initial shipping charges NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Similar programs sell for many thousands of dollars! But I know finances are tight right now and I want to make this program affordable for as many people as possible - especially for those why need it most.

And so I'm selling my program for a one-time payment of just $397 + shipping.

That's it! Invest in the program now for just $397 and you'll never have to pay me another dime!

But at this low price I can't leave the offer open forever. I'll be raising the price in the very near future, so if you want to take advantage of this low price you need to act NOW!


Yes Ben! I want to get started RIGHT NOW and take advantage of the current low price.


I believe in the goodness of people and I REALLY do want you to take up this opportunity. Bottom line: I'm making this offer to help as many people as possible get back on their financial feet .

starting credit repair business


Good news!. I recently purchased a brand new 2003 cadillac CTS, My credit score was 655 and now my credit score according to GMAC was 688, just 12 short of 700 (my goal) . That was only one month! The sales person gave me a copy of there credit report. I am so happy!. I have not purchased a new car in 17 years. You know how hard it is to get credit at GMAC!. (wow). What a great system ben. You know, Ive been around red tape before, should have realized that there was a system to the credit B, like any other big system. Thanks again ben!. And thanks for sending those sample letters for removing "inq" to the creditors directly!
Ps. Feel free to use this letter as you please!"

David Garcia,
Kansas City, MO



No Risk to You!

As mentioned above, I personally guarantee that if at any time within 90 days, you're not completely satisfied with your Credit Repair Biz kit, just return it in good condition and I'll personally refund the entire cost of the Biz Kit, including the original shipping charges, and we'll part as friends.

Remember, you can write off the cost of this kit as a startup business expense!





Low Maintenance + No Risk
+ Minimal Investment = Profit for Life


Just so there's no confusion, I'm recapping my offer right here in its entirety:

Invest in the Credit Repair Biz Kit for 1 payment of just $397

You have a 90-day, 100% money back guarantee. If you're not absolutely delighted with your purchase, ship it back in good condition within 90 days and I'll refund your money - including the original shipping charges

Order by and you'll get five high quality and relevant bonuses to enhance your business




starting credit repair business

hello jim,ben

i just wanted to thank you guys for your professionalism . i am so glad i purchased this biz kit threw your company. i love the fact that you guys are behind your customers and encourage them to succeed. i know if i am caught in a situation i know you guys will assist me the best way possible that is so important to a new credit repair company like mine. l like to give credit were credit is due. you have my most respect sincerly a loyal customer.

Roy A Maltez

I received two weeks ago and I have to tell you that, this kit is the best
investmen I ever made towards developing my business.

Juan Castillo
New York



I CAN'T LOSE Ben! I want to do this NOW


Ask Yourself This Important Question ...

Where Will YOU Be One Year From Now?


Will you be living the life you've always dreamed of living?

OR ...

Will you be watching your life slip away from you, working day after day in that same old dead-end job, struggling to simply stay afloat?

Forget about having a few bucks left for some of those "extras" you've always wanted so badly. Money is too tight for that.


Will you be even one step closer to financial freedom?

OR ...

Will you still be laboring every day of your life to just "get by" and make ends meet?


Will you always have to settle for just the basic necessities? Pinching pennies, buying the cheapest of everything, "doing without" so you can save every dollar just to pay bills?

OR ...

Will you be living a comfortable life, with all the things you really want? A new car, nice home, vacations with the family ... and no more worrying about how much you're spending and whether you'll have enough to pay your bills?


"Every great leap forward in your life comes
after you have made a clear decision of some kind."

---Brian Tracy


Make Your Decision Right NOW!


If you want different results you need to do something different!

If you want a better life, (and since you've read this far I know you do) you have to TAKE ACTION to make it happen.


The Time Has Come To Invest In YOURSELF!

The Credit Repair Business is your key to unlocking the life of wealth and personal freedom you know you've always wanted. And the cost is trivial when you consider the potential to earn thousands a month, be your own boss, and live the life you've always dreamed of.


And with a 90 day, full money back guarantee ...

... How can you possibly lose?


starting credit repair business
"I just want to say that the Credit Repaiz Biz program is awesome and worth every dime. I worked for several years with a locally owned credit repair company, and I’ve learned more in one week with your program, than I did the whole time I was employed there. I have experienced first hand how profitable of a business it is, because the company I worked for has been in business about 12 years. I look forward to applying your techniques, expertise and skills in my own business."

Yvonne P.
Aurora, CO

"I can't express to you how helpful and on point you are to me. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!."

Monique Patrick,
Elizabeth, New Jersey

"... Also, i received that guy Dave's report back form Trans-Union with everything disputed deleted the 1st time around. The main thing i was really happy about was The bankruptcy. it was deleted. I'm very excited about this."

Kay Junior,

"I must thank you for taking the time to respond to my many questions. It has been very frustrating dealing with a not so perfect credit report, and you have given me some hope."




Zero Risk + Unlimited Potential = a NO BRAINER!

Official PayPal Seal


The yellow button below is your DOORWAY to a better life ... Make the leap NOW!

Credit Repair Biz Kit

Regular Price $597 - only sale $397 (save $200)

YES Ben, I want in! Please let me have one of the 2009 version 2.0 packages of your "Biz Kit in a box" for just $597 $397.

I want to use your Expertise, Materials, Video Coaching Sessions, Bonuses and on-going support to:

  • Break the shackles once and for all...
  • Finally realize my long lost dreams of financial freedom...
  • Recession proof myself and my family, and...
  • Build a real income helping others

Have your credit card handy and click the happy orange "Add To Cart" button below to have your "Biz Kit 2.0" package shipped to you immediately with a 90 day "No Questions" Money Back Guarantee...

Add to Cart



This system will make a difference, not only to your life, but to the lives of many people with bad credit – YOUR CLIENTS!

Your success will be the defining moment for many people, and change all your lives forever!

Take the challenge - request your Credit Repair Biz Kit now, and look back on today as the beginning of your success!



Benjamin Hanania


P. S. Many people are losing their jobs because of the bad economy. This not only means less money for families, but also instills feelings of despair. You and your family can become more financially secure with this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

P. P. S. Remember: If you order by you'll get the 5 bonuses listed above

P. P. P. S. Don't wait any longer! - I'm not sure how long this low price will be offered!

starting credit repair business
Hi Ben:

I just wanted to say thank you for fulfilling my expectation with the credit repair biz package. I am very happy and excited to get the ball rolling in regards to my own business. I chose your product among other potential software for a number of reasons: 
Support service

  1. Marketing guidelines'
  2. Incorporation
  3. Contracts

These elements give me the tools I need to get started with my own business. 

Seffner, Florida

"I received my Credit Repair Biz Kit and am amazed at the amount of information and tools it contained.

The quick start guide is great because it tells you what you need to read and do each day for 1 week to get up and running quickly. The manual is very well laid out and is full of information you need to start your business. Plus they give you all the forms, letters and marketing tools you need to make starting your business as painless as possible. The tools module has lots of extras such as budgeting and family planning software that you can share with your clients.

There has obviously been a great deal of thought and planning that went into developing this kit. It is well worth the money and I can't wait to pull my first report and get started! Thanks for such a great deal!"




Credit Repair Biz Kit
Regular Price $597 - only sale $397 (save $200)




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